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Online Silver Training Programme

I would like to enroll in the Silver Award online training programme conducted by Peak Performance Solutions Ltd : NZ$75 (incl. gst)

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Terms and conditions

  1. All programmes must be paid in full prior to programme commencement.
  2. Direct entrants must do the preceding training camps in order. i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  3. Students need to complete this training individually and may be audited to ensure this has happened. Any breach of this will be reported to the National Office and training may be revoked. It is recommended that students undertake their practice journey with Peak Performance Solutions to further consolidate this learning.
  4. I understand that PPS staff will not accept responsibility for my future actions and that I need to act within my scope & experience.
  5. I understand that I am enrolling personally into this training and resources are not to be duplicated, shared or gifted to others and that I am in breach of Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws should I do so.
  6. I understand I have 6 months to complete this training from the date of login access. Extensions are by written request only.
  7. Successful completion of this training is granted when all sections have been completed and the final assessments submitted. A completion certificate will be emailed upon passing. Two attempts at these final assessments will be granted before re-enrollment is required. My Co-ordinator will also be informed of my result. I agree to abide by the conditions of the above programme; or my child will undertake this course under these conditions.